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Nearby Attractions – Prairie Du Chien

Charles Wacouta Aquatic Park
Prairie Du Chien AttractionsLocated at a 20 min leisurely walk or 3-minute drive from Windsor Place Inn is the Charles Wacouta Aquatic Park where you can enjoy yourselves with your family. The water park contains a relaxing pool, a fun water slide and special kiddie pool for children to enjoy themselves.

Located right next to the Charles Wacouta Aquatic Park and very close to Windsor Place Inn is the Fort Fun Park, a great location for children to enjoy themselves. This green park contains a full playground area where children can endlessly entertain themselves with the numerous slides.

Fort Crawford Museum
Prairie Du Chien Nearby AttractionsFort Crawford, stood guard from 1816 to 1856 and the Fort Crawford Museum features a wide variety of local history about Wisconsin and Prairie du Chien in particular. It’s only a short 5-minute drive from Windsor Place Inn and is a great place to spend some time with your family.
St. Feriole Island Park
Prairie Du ChienThe St. Feriole Island Park is a great park around the river, a perfect place to spend some time at. This city park has great historical significance, as it’s where Prairie du Chien the city originated before floods forced relocation. It’s most famous attraction is the Villa Louis, also known as Dousamn Mansion, a National Historic Landmark. The villa, a Victorian Estate, and the estate are a historical museum operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. It’s a great place to see some examples of Victorian era architecture style. All of this is only a 6-minute drive from Windsor Place Inn.
Wyalusing State Park, Bridgeport, WI
Prairie Du Chien NearIt’s one of Wisconsin’s oldest state parks, spread over a sprawling 2,628-acre area and it offers some truly spectacular views of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. The park is a great place to walk and hike in, it also has facilities for families and groups to camp, along with a Native Indian burial mound, a canoe trail, and plenty of areas to watch birds, fish, and boat. It is just only 20 min drive from Windsor Place Inn.
Effigy Mounds, Marquette/Mcgregor IA
Prairie Du Chien Near AttractionsLocated a quick 10 minute drive away from Windsor Place Inn, is the Effigy Mounds National Monument which preserves more than 200 prehistoric mounds built by Native Americans; it’s a wonderful place where you can see numerous animal shaped mounds. The visitor center has wonderful museum exhibits highlighting archaeological and natural specimens and a lovely hiking trail.
Pikes Peak State Park, Marquette/Mcgregor IA
Prairie Du Chien - Windsor InnThis lovely park is only 12 minutes drive and is packed with facilities and activities; visitors can picnic, relax and enjoy a gorgeous view. There are about 70 camping areas, cycling trails for bicycles and mountain bikes, and hiking and walking trails.
Sun Prairie Cabela’s
Prairie Du Chien NearybyThe fourth Cabela’s in Wisconsin, the Cabela’s Sun Prairie store is located in the Prairie Lakes Shopping Center at Highway 151 and Grand Avenue. This 86,000-sq.-ft. store was built to not only surround customers with quality outdoor products, but to engage them with lifelike taxidermy, local fish swimming in the aquarium, a Gun Library, a Bargain Cave and an indoor archery test area.

Upcoming Events

Bald Eagle Spotting/Watching
Prairie Du Chien Nearyby - WIWatching the distinctive Bald Eagle, as they migrate is a popular wildlife activity to many; this activity is possible during winter months as eagles tend to arrive in December and stay on till February to leave by mid March. This activity needs to be undertaken carefully and upon a designated bald eagle viewing site. It is 4 minutes aware from Windsor Place Inn.
Country on the River
Prairie Du Chien HotelInitiated in 2010, Country on the River is a three day music festival in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, which plays host to some of the best country music parties in the Midwest. This premier outdoor country music and campaigning experience is held annually at Tom Hanafan’s River’s Edge Parkand participated by both local and regional acts and is 5 minutes drive from Windsor Place Inn.

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